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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan
Edward L. Shanahan
  Psychic Reader - Medium - Paranormal - Spirit Feeler - Book Author...
Certified in Law of Attraction, Pendulum Programming & Life Coach.
Spiritual and Intuitive Coach - Spiritual Birth Aura Personal Graphic...

Chicago land area and travel
Above photo was taken during 18th Psychometry reading for the day.

A Chicago Psychic Reader that has been written about in five books, the latest
published in 2012. He has been in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune's
Red Eye Newspaper 'Best Bet' section, Time Out Chicago Magazine, Chicago
Tribune's Weekend section, Southtown Star Newspaper, News Harold
Newspapers, WTTW TV, Orland Park Prairie Newspaper and other local papers.

In May of 2010 he was a guest on WGN radio's Chicago Now radio show .

In 2011 he appeared again in the Southtown Star Newspaper on All Saints Day.

He has written two books and they are listed below along with free to download
Apps that Shanahan has created.

Best Chicago Psychic Award 2012
Edward Shanahan

To be offered to touch another person's hand, is an honor. To be
able to touch their heart, is a gift given. To be able to touch their
soul, is a blessing of trust. ~ Edward Shanahan

Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan during his Circle of Energy Seance at his Chicago Paranormal Nights
Edward Shanahan during his
'Circle of Energy'
  Edward Shanahan Psychic Reader Medium and Paranormal Host on stage at the Portage Theather
eBooks by Edward Shanahan for all readers and the computer.

No Agents, No Public Relations Services, No Marketing Services.
Just Edward Shanahan doing the best at what and how he does it. 

Details for
Psychic House Parties, Corporate Parties & Individual Readings

Details for Psychic House & Corporate Parties & Individual Readings

Details for
Private Readings - Life Coach - Law of Attractions
Edward Shanahan's Office in Orland Pk, IL
Details here for Private Office Readings


The type of Psychic Readings that
Edward Shanahan does are explained here.

Edward Shanahan's Private Office Readings  
at the

Historic Senator John Humphrey House
Orland Pk, IL.

9830 W 144th Pl, Orland Park, IL 60462

The location is in the Historic area
of Orland Pk, IL.  Down the block
are antique stores. You have a choice
of restaurants that surround the area.

Private Readings are by appointment only.
Choice of having a 30 minute or a full hour reading.

Schedual a Reading - contact Edward Shanahan
E-mail him here 

Stay updated on public readings,workshops and more
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Comments from those read in the past.
Past Comments / Testimonials
Edward Shanahan's Facebook page or
To Contact Edward Shanahan E-mail him

Edward is an Author, Article Writer & Online Newspaper Publisher for:

Chicago Now
Chicago Tribune Online Articles Site
Chicago Paranormal and Spiritual Articles 

. Haunted America Tours
Large Web Site - The Name Says It All

The Unexplained World
The Unexplained World

The eBooks by Edward Shanahan

Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously. Theories - Thoughts - Experiences. eBook by Edward Shanahan
Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual
World Seriously.
Theories - Thoughts - Experiences
Amazon - iTunes - Barnes & Noble - Sony - SmashWords (for computers and PDF). .

My letter to God #1
Amazon Kindle (exclusive)

Edward & Annette's Internet
The Unexplained World
Radio Show Broadcast

The Unexplained World
YouTube Channel

Newspaper Online
The Paranormal & Spirit World


Free App

Details for
Psychic House Parties, Individual & Corporate Readings

Psychic House & Corporate Parties & Individual Details

Public Readings and Paranormal Nights Location dates
Public Psychic Readings and Paranormal Dates / Locations

Psychic Parties & Paranormal Nights

(Chicago land area and possibly travel)

2015 Public and Private Paranormal Nights
Details Here

Personal Psychic Readings / Conscious Channeling
Certified Life Coach / Paranormal Spiritual Observer
Private Party Entertaining Seances / Private Paranormal Nights


More people are having Edward Shanahan 
for Entertaining Psychic House Parties!


Plan your dates for 2015
Parties and Events. 

Design Your Own Psychic House Party in 2015

e-mail Edward Shanahan
e-mail for details .

Besides private readings Edward  also does readings with all present and
Spirit Communication with all involved with  what he calls his ' Readings
in the Round ' and it has become an entertaining part of his Psychic
House Parties. He has also done it on stage at night clubs.

Edward Shanahan taking in view at Psychic House Party

Edward taking in
the view.

Edward Shanahan - Chicago Psychic House Party, Readings in the Round.

Readings in the Round with
Edward Shanahan
Guests having fun at Psychic House Party with Edward Shanahan

Guests having fun at a
Psychic House Party .

As other Psychic Readers do at house parties, Edward will do private
readings for individuals at the house parties. Each individual reading runs
from 20 minutes to 30 minutes and at times a bit longer depending on the
individual's readings.

Also as he has been doing for years, he provides his Readings of Items of
Loved Ones who have passed away during a session with an individual.

Edward Shanahan will also provide a demonstration of Spirit
Communication during your party.

Design Your Own Psychic Party

This offers the host different entertaining activities for the guests during
the Psychic Party. This also allows the host decide on what the cost would
be for their guests.

What you can design for the 'Design Your Own Psychic Party' with
Edward Shanahan - 
A combination of activities for your guests to enjoy and

Private Readings
– you decide the length of the readings as other activities
 can also be added for your party.

Readings in the Round - entertaining public reading. This can be combined
with private readings for those who want private readings.

Spirit Communication Session - that everyone can participate in as I use a
Spirit Communication Device. This would be done after the readings and would
be an attempt to communicate with individual’s loved ones.

Circle of Energy Séance -
with an attempt to tap into the spirits of your loved
ones who have passed away

Ritual of Release
- release the negative things in your life and  then followed
by the ritual of inviting the positive in to your life

Workshop - for you and your guests to attempt to open up to the Spirit World.
A workshop would be a stand alone activity.

Edward Shanahan's 'Spiritual Birth Aura Personal Graphic' for
individuals who are interested.

Spiritual Birth Aura Graphic
created by Edward Shanahan for Mary Alice Quinn


 Send Edward Shanahan an e-mail for details.

Edward Shanahan for a Private Reading
Edward Shanahan doing a Private Psychic Reading at Chicago public locations

Readings at a public location.

If an Individual is interested in meeting Edward Shanahan for a Private
Reading, it can be done at the Historic Senator John Humphrey House
in Orland Pk, IL.
 Also there are Public Readings dates and locations in the
future, but his office is preferred.

The ritual of releasing negative things in your life and then followed by the
ritual of inviting the postive in to your life.

An individual reading can be performed for one person at their location or
a location of their choice. One individual only reading would reflect in the
fee for such a reading. 

Certified in both Law of Attraction and as a Life Coach with Global Sciences
 and also in Pendulum Programming to assist individuals in
seeking a change and better self.  He is a Spiritual and Intuitive Coach. 

Also Private Readings can arranged to be done in an individual's home with
a minimum of three individuals to be read on the day of the reading. Also it
can be done at a public location with a minimum of 3 individuals to be read.
Those seeking to be read would pick the location to be read at.

Edward Shanahan's 'Spiritual Birth Aura Personal Graphic' for individuals.

 Send Edward Shanahan an e-mail for details.


The type of Psychic Readings that
Edward Shanahan does
are explained here.


Comments from those read in the past.
Past Comments


To Contact Edward Shanahan or be notified of
public reading locations - E-mail him


Corporate Gatherings, Large Parties and Public Locations

Chicago Psychic Readers Edward Shanahan and Annette

Corporate gatherings, large parties (21 or more), and public locations,
readings can run 10 minutes for each individual, so that a large number
of individuals can enjoy being read. Annette does Tarot Readings.

It is possible to arrange for two Readers (Edward and Annette), for your party.
From corporate and elegant parties to toga parties. Experience in doing
readings for entertainment in lounges.

Details for Edward and Annette together.

To Contact Edward Shanahan E-mail him

Public Psychic Reading Dates with Edward Shanahan 2015
Edward Shanahan is doing public readings at locations and also
securing a location for regular readings. Dates and public
locations speaking and reading at will be coming soon.
To be informed e-mail Edward Shanahan - here

The type of Entertaining Psychic Readings that
Edward Shanahan does are explained here.


Comments from those read in the past.
Past Comments / Testimonials


To Contact Edward Shanahan E-mail him

Details for your own
Private Paranormal Night at this web page.
Locations of Public Readings and Paranormal Location dates
Listings of Public Psychic Readings and Paranormal Dates / Locations

Stay updated on public readings,workshops and more
with Edward's
free newsletter. Sign-up and you will
receive a response in your e-mail, check your e-mail 
boxes when you sign up.

Edward Shanahan is listed on
Facebook - Haunted America Tours 'Paranormal People' - Festivals and Shows
City Psychics - Chicago

2011 Southtown Star Newspaper article - Chicago Miracle Child


Edward Shanahan on the TV show 'You and Me This Morning'
doing his Seance at Haunted Scutt Mansion.
View it here


Free Chicago Paranormal Tour App with GPS - Haunted Archer Avenue Tour:
* Free App with GPS tour to download - Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour *
KISS FM (Chicago 103.5), radio personality Finnigan and crew -
joined with Edward Shanahan at The Irish Legend in Willow Springs
for a Private Chicago Paranormal Night in Oct. 2010.
Video can be viewed here: Capone Speakeasy Paranormal Hunt.

Meaningful experiences for
Chicago Spirit Feeler
Edward Shanahan
To be offered to touch another person's hand, is an honor.
To be able to touch their heart, is a gift given. To be able to
touch their soul, is a blessing of trust. ~ Edward Shanahan

Being a Chicago Spirit Feeler, Medium, Paranormal Host
and Psychic Reader, meaningful experiences is when I can
bring closure for a person who has lost a love one.

When I am asked to call someone at my cost, who is dying,
to bring them comfort and attempt to erase their fears.
When someone brings me an item of a love one who has
passed away and I am able to confirm their thoughts on
the way they died or killed.

When I take an individual to the Miracle Child's Grave
Site, as they asked me to accompany them to pray for a
miracle. When with out anyone knowing, I lay my hands
on an ill person and pray for them.

When I can open the door for someone to open their self
up to sit in front of everyone and experience the Spirit
World and is one of the things I raised the bar on my self
with. There is more to me then what many see, but yet
some have seen it.

"Never Forget Where You Came From - To Keep You
Motivated So You Never Return" ~ Edward Shanahan

Comments from Psychic Readings / House Parties / Corporate Parties

From Barbara L. - 2013 "Ed, It was such a pleasure . I loved the
reading. You gave me a lot of insight about my past....and my
future. I am sure we will see each other at up coming events..until
 then God Bless. Thank you Ed for everything!"

From Leah P - 2012 "Thanks for joining us and making a
memorable experience- everyone loved it! We'll be seeing you
at the big paranormal night".

From Jamie G. - 2012 "Your very welcome and thank you for
coming out. The party was a huge hit and every loved you! Will
def be contacting you in the future. ~ Jamie "

From Dianna H. - 2012 "Thanks to you as well. You're presence
brings a calmness I rarely feel. I would have been happy with you
just holding my hand. It gives me serenity. Doug agreed and was
delighted to properly meet and speak with you. I hope this doesn't
sound too odd, but I wish my own father could have looked so
kindly upon me as you did. Thank-you for letting me feel that, if
only for 30 minutes. Although, typing this now, I remember that
peace you gave me and I am tearing up. The feeling of
funconditional, parental love has stayed with me and is something
I can reflect upon. It is good to know that people like yourself are
in this world. If you and your wife would ever like to adopt an
adult daughter, I'm available! God Bless You and thank-you for
being a blessing to me and Doug. Dianna " 

From Sergio A. - 2012 "That ending part hit the spot Ed, as I
was not even part of the seance and you managed to get a hold
of the one person who've I've lost out of the 3 who was older than
me. Not only that, but you said EXACTLY what she always used
to tell me alot over the phone. Quote, end quote. Like if it was
her telling me again. Nice to know she is close by, as I once in a
while think and wonder if she is watching or not. That one hit

From Janet F. - 2012 "Ed, it was another great gift that comes
from the Circle that you provide! An interesting evening, thanks

From Betty E. - 2012 "Ed, I can;t tell you how much I appreciated
that. Really there was no one outside of my family that would
have even guessed about what you hit on. I also know my mom
and that is what she would have referenced to make sure i knew
it came from her and not just a general reference. Thank you so
much for that"!

From Jane S. - 2012 "I want to thank you so much for doing that
at the end of the energy circle it meant a lot to me and 2 others
that you would still have the strength to be able to do what you
did by giving us a message from our loved ones that they were
standing near us. I still can't get that night out of my head I had
such a wonderful time".

From Priscilla D. - 2012 "Edward, I wanted to post a THANK
YOU! We had such a good time during your visit. A lot of things
were confirmed spiritually and the windows and doors of
knowledge were opend unto us. We will have to follow up with
you and update you on all of the things that have happened since
we last saw you... Which was only less than 12 hours ago! LOL !
Take care and Thanks again :) "

From Nikol A. - 2012 "By the way..after you left. When you
shook my husbands hand, he told me it was burning him and it
was red and swollen....:) I told him, because you (husband), are
not a believer... but I think you are changing his mind. I can't
wait for my mother to book her party with you. Thanks again!"

From Stacey - 2012 "Dearest Edward, I cannot thank you
enough... Thank you - Thank you for taking the time to share
information from your experiences, research and knowledge of
the paranormal and spiritual world, and for helping me to have
some spiritual peace after my experience. I have attentively read
the links you sent and have continued on to other articles &
Ebooks you have written &linked on your website. And with
stories like "The Amityville Hoax", to Not be influenced by the
hype of Paranormal tales & scares.

You have definantly givin me another way to think of my
experience. As I read the article "The Shadows Within", it was
all to close to my heart. I am one who has simply always
believed, Never saw a ghost. But I dont need to see them to
know they are there! Through your help and advice, Armed With
more knowledge and a better understanding of the spiritual
world. I'm choosing to appreciate this as a unique experience,
and to believe, It is just that- "My unique and personal
experience"! - Not of somthing evil or demonic. I choose
to be a Volunteer and not a Victim! Again, Thank you. You have
been a tremendous help! Sincerely, Stacey

From Megan D. - 2012 "Thanks so much for the nice evening.
Everyone had a wonderful time. At least two of my relatives said
that was the best reading experience they have ever had. 
Thanks again! Megan"

From Colleen R. - 2012 "Edward, we had the Best time, thank
you for giving us an interesting and very FUN evening! It was
and everything I hoped it would be, I will be sharing your cards
with everyone! Thanks again, Colleen"

From Javiera - 2012 "We had a wonderful time! Thank you for
coming out! Will definitely be keeping in touch"!

From Tracy M. - 2011 "It was nice meeting you last night. Thank
you for being so kind and for giving me some direction. I have a
tight group of girlfriends who are very interested in doing a
gathering with you like the one last night though it will be a
smaller group and they will be a bit less rambunctious :) "

From Preacher Pam A. - 2011 "You did that for my family and it
meant the world to us. Thank you Ed and God Bless you!"

From Crystal M. 2011 "This is what i absolutely love about you
Edward..its hard to find that these days in people who are gifted
as yourself."

From Kathy B. - 2011 "No thank YOU for your positive energy,
how "spot on" you were with everything you said! We will
definitely have you out again for more events..you are absolutely

From Sandra K. - 2011 "I know what you have done for me and
will always be greatful. You are a light at the end of a tunnel .
Blessings to you."

From Melanie S. - 2011 "Thank you for doing our readings. All
of my guests were very pleased with their readings and my
mother and I hope to see again after the new year."

From Ashley T. - 2011 "You have opened my eyes to what I am
and could be. Thought it would be a good opportunity to see if I
could tap in a little deeper".

From Sherry T. - 2011 "Thank you for coming out tonight!"

From Megan O. - 2011 "Thank you! We had so much fun, so we
may have to make it an annual party. We may also join in one of
your outtings!

From Megan C. - 2011, "Thanks again for coming out! My friends
really enjoyed the entire evening and were highly intrigued by the
seance. My house has been calm since then, so no worries!
Thanks again, I look forward to attending another paranormal
night soon". Megan

From Diane S. - 2011, "Thank you. A good time was had by all.
Not only did I learn a lot, my mind was also put at ease because
many thoughts were confirmed. Hope to see you at future

Corporate Party - December 2010
On behalf of Two Degrees / Slalom, I'd like to thank both you and
Annette for providing such great entertainment at our event. I
truly enjoyed both of your readings and I received very positive
feedback from everyone that you spoke to. I know the music was
quite loud and you had to speak rather loudly for the evening.
Hopefully, you still had a voice the next morning! Thanks again
and Happy Holidays to both of you and your families.
Best regards, Ken Blanck.

From Jocelyne 2010 "Edward, I wanted to thank you again, you
did such a wonderful job on Friday night. It must have been such
a long night for you. I look forward to meeting you again in the
future. Some of my friends and I are looking into attending one
of your other events. This time
I promise it will be a little smaller.
Take Care".
...................... ...........................

From Leah 2010 - "Thank you Edward for a lovely Sunday
I enjoyed the tour and tea at Scutt's mansion and
definitely enjoyed your
.personality and reading...xoxo" ........................................................................

From Roxanne 2010 - Edward, You received rave reviews!!!!!
Thank you for coming to my home and giving us such an
interesting evening. So much to think about. All The Best Regards.
From Chris Brooks 2010 - Your readings were "dead" on.  On the
way back to
my niece's last night, everyone was very positive and
satisfied with the evening. 

From C. Mrozek - Hi Edward, Thank you for coming! We all had
a great time.
.My Mom really seemed to enjoy listening to
everyone's readings. Thank you so much for making it a "fun"
reading. With the group of people we had it would not have been
fun if you had done it any other way! I think everyone enjoyed
having you there. Your readings were spot-on and a lot of fun to
listen to! We will defiantly recommend you to our friends and
family for future gatherings! Thank you again
for adding a fun
twist to Mom's 70th Birthday! We really enjoyed having you there.
Thanks and take care. C. Mrozek

From Allison - Thank you Ed. We had a great time, you were a
big hit!

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Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium, entertainment, Edward Shanahan
Edward Shanahan

Type of Psychic Readings done by Edward Shanahan:

He starts with doing his version of a  Palm Reading and goes as far
as even telling the individual if they are an old soul or young soul
and explains the difference.

He then goes to Personal Psychometry Readings, this is when he
puts the individual's hand between both of his hands and he
attempts to tap into their energy and connect with the energy
inside the individual, to describe the individual and what may be
going on with them, including their past, present and future. This
is also best for personal answers by way of the One on One

Then the individual will be given the opportunity to ask questions.

Then if individuals bring items of a loved one who has passed
away, Edward will do Spiritual Conscious Channeling / Medium
work, and that is a reading done with items of a love one who has
passed away.

So if you attend a location he is doing readings at, bring items of
a loved one who has passed away with you. Edward recommends
items like rings, watches, glasses etc., stuff that they would of worn
 and would of picked up their energy.

At the end of the night, if it is desired by those attending the
entertaining psychic party, Edward will provide a demonstration of
Spirit Communication with his device and others can participate
in the communication.

Edward will also include a bit of The Masks of Tarot, using Tarot
Cards at the end of the session.

Edward at times will venture to cemeteries for those seeking him
to do Spiritual Conscious Channeling, at a grave site of a love one
who has passed away.

Comments from those read in the past.
Past Comments


Contact Edward Shanahan E-mail him here

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Annette and Ed Shanahan hosts of The Unexplained World radio show
Edward Shanahan with Annette

Both host The Unexplained World - Internet radio show
and do readings together in N.W. Indiana & Chicago if
two Readers are desired. Annette does Past Lives, Runes
and Tarot Readings for individuals. Annette has over 20
years of public Tarot Reading experience.

.Comments from those read in the past.
Past Comments


Contact Edward Shanahan E-mail him here

Edward & Annette's Internet Radio Broadcast
The Unexplained World

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Edward's Circle Of Energy Seance

Edward Shanahan and his Circle of Energy Seance
Edward Shanahan and his 'Circle of Energy Seance'
Photo by Prairie State Paranormal

Edward's creation that he calls a 'Circle of Energy Seance' and
has allowed him and those present at the paranormal outings to
venture into the spirit realm by way of holding his version of his
creation and attempting spiritual contact or experiences for
those attending.

This is done at haunted locations for those seeking who are
attempting to experience the spirit realm at the location, be it
for personal experiences or as Edward knows, that it is also a
form of entertainment for some of the curious who attend.

In 2014 if requested, it will be performed at Psychic House

Psychometry is a tool, as are Tarot cards, Runes, stones etc..

Readings for entertainment and answers possibly within you to your
personal questions.
All life decisions are solely the responsibility of the
participant. The purpose is to give a view of life. There are no guarantees
 or liabilities.
Spiritual Psychometry (Conscious Channeling), at times may
not be successful, but has nothing to do with the individual
requesting it or
the love one that has passed away.

Channeling is not an exact science & is subject to human interpretation.

Disclaimer: My state law requires all Paranormalist and Psychic's to be listed as entertainment only.


Edward Shanahan demonstrating telekinesis with dowsing rods and newspaper reporter.
Edward Shanahan demonstrating telekinesis with the use of Dowsing Rods.
Newspaper Reporter / Editor - Jamie Lynn Ferguson is holding the rods.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Start reserving your date now for your entertaining Psychic House
Parties and Corporate Parties with Edward Shanahan in 2015. Also
reserve for you and your friends a Paranormal Nights and Seances
in 2015 at four haunted historic locations to explore and experience.

To contact Edward Shanahan E-mail him here

Chicago Paranormal Experiences

Paranormal Nights to Explore and Experience Locations
Private Paranormal Nights for you and your friends.

Every Paranormal Night ends with a seance
Edward Shanahan

Dates for Public Paranormal Nights and the Locations
Listings of Public Paranormal Dates / Locations
Video Clips from Past Seances / Locations
Public and Private Paranormal Nights

Your Own Private Paranormal Nights and
Seance at a Haunted Historic Locations
Haunted Scutt Mansion in Joliet, IL

Would you be interested in your own Private Paranormal Night with a Seance
for you and your friends or having your Psychic Party at a haunted location?

Edward has access to three such Haunted Historic Locations and he is able
. ..
to arrange that for you if there is an interest. Details at this web page.

Contact Edward Shanahan E-mail him here

Message from one of Chicago's Top Paranormal Authors:

I've worked with Ed Shanahan for the past three years,
and I can say that his last concern is profiting from
anything. He is a lifelong resident of the Bachelors
Grove area and wants nothing but to open people up
to the possibilities of the paranormal.

He's a great guy and a true blue friend if ever I had one.
He's doing a great job informing people about the places
dear to his heart, including Bachelors Grove, the
Humphrey House, the Scutt Mansion, and others.

It's a pleasure and honor for me to work with him.

Ms. Ursula Bielski - author of Chicago Haunts books
and owner of Chicago Haunting Tours.

Edward Shanahan and his Circle of Energy Seance
Edward Shanahan and his 'Circle of Energy Seance'
Photo by Prairie State Paranormal

My Circle of Energy - The experience for you.
by Edward Shanahan
Click here to read

In October of 2005 there was a night of back to back "Circle
of Energy" demonstrations in an area of sacred Native
American land, that was a night that no one will ever forget
do to the spirits that responded to Edward's request to show
or be felt.

2006 brought an experience during a 'Circle of Energy'
Edward held at an outdoor area during the day. When he
requested the spirits to show or provide a sign, the wind
started to blow hard, but as everyone there experienced,
it was coming from the ground below them in the area of
Forest that they were standing on.

In 2007 at the Historical Haunted House in a S.W. Suburb in
the Chicago land area, seen Edward during his " Circle of
Energy Seance " start to channel the father / husband spirit
in the room that family members of the home were waked in
and some of those present experienced the Spirits in the
room during the "Circle of Energy ".

In 2007 Edward was happy to announce that he and
Chicago's top Paranormal author Ms. Ursula Bielski, both
came together to bring to you, unique paranormal locations
and experiences with their creation of " Beyond the Veil ".

In 2008 Edward experience has taken him to starting in
cooperation with the Worth Historical Museum, Orland PK
Historical Society and others.

* Edward is interviewed for the first time. Learn about his
beliefs about Healing Miracles, the Paranormal and more in
this open interview of him that was done on The
Unexplained World Internet broadcast.

Click Here to Listen.

Feel free to contact Edward Shanahan below if
interested in any of what he offers or join him on
his Facebook Page to keep posted on different
events or locations he will going to and you can
participate in the experience.

E-mail: Edward Shanahan

Dates & Locations
Tours with Haunted Historical Locations & Edward Shanahan
Haunted Historic Locations

Edward's Paranormal & Psychic Fair Dates
The Unexplained World & Beyond the Veil
Upcoming Psychic and Paranormal Dates

Paranormal TV - 24/7

Psychometry is a tool, as are Tarot cards, Runes, stones etc..

Edward has been given the name
A Spiritual Observer

Ed Shanahan - Spiritual Observer

Who is he ??

Edward Shanahan has written two books of
his own and are toward the top of this

Edward was 1st published in 2003, in the
book 'Voices From The Chicago Graves' and
again in September 2005, his knowledge and
feelings about the locations in Willow
Springs, Ashbary Coffee House and Rico D's
Pizza Ristorante are published in the book
'Encyclopedia Of Haunted Places '.

Two more books that have written about
Edward, have come out in 2011 and 2012. 

Edward in 2008, was interviewed on WLIP
AM 1050 radio station in Chicago and
Internet radio shows in 2008 and 2009.

He has been written about in the Chicago
Tribune's Red Eye featured Friday night
location /event in Chicago, Time Out
Chicago magazine and Chicago Sun

Also has had an article written about him
in the Southtown Star Newspaper and
others. In 2010 he was a guest in the WGN
radio studios for the Chicago Now radio
show. 2010 also was the start of writing
for the Chicago Now web site.

Visit Edward's Facebook pg.
Facebook page
Facebook page
Visit Edward's Blog
BlogSpot.com site

Ed's BlogSpot - Blog

Edward Shanahan will also do personal readings for House Parties, Corporate
Parties / Events and Businesses interested in having him in to do readings for
their customers. Also does readings in ' The Round ' for an entertaining group
reading. It is also possibly for him to travel out of state for those interested.

Is the Paranormal something that you seek answers about? Haunts You?

Or would you be interested in Edward Shanahan as a companion to a haunted
location? Maybe giving you or you and your friends a paranormal / spiritual tour
of locations in the Chicagoland area that he has experienced and spoken of on his
web site below? Or would you enjoy participating in one of the paranormal outings?

Or a night of entertaining Conscious Channeling and readings for a group of people
or just a select few at a location of you choice or your home ?

E-mail Edward Shanahan here.

Dates and locations with Ed Shanahan and Historical Societies.
Haunted Historic Locations
Haunted Historic Locations with Historical Societies.

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Haunted Historic Locations

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Ed 'Sun Ray' carries a book of Testimonials from individuals he has read,
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Edward 'Sun Ray' Shanahan
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Edward Shanahan

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Edward Shanahan out of Chicago, is known as a Psychic Spiritual Feeler, using energy felt by him. A believer in the Paranormal,
Supernatural, Ghosts, haunted locations and the fact the spirit world wants the living world to know that there is a spiritual side.
Shanahan uses this and his Internal Knowledge to attempt to tap into the spiritual side, if requested to read items of loved ones
who have passed away with his readings, or at haunted locations with what he calls his Circle of Energy. Individuals from the
Midwest have traveled to part take in the Psychic readings, haunted locations and more. Travelers have come from the states
of MI, WI, OH, IN, Kentucky to participate and be entertained. Shanahan also dose private house party readings to entertain
your guests and if requested by the host of the party, it could be possible to have two Psychics. Also does private ghost tours
for groups of friends, corporations etc, e-mail him for details.

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