Comments from individuals and their experiences with Edward Shanahan - Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium, Spirit Communications, Author, Speaker, Paranormal Host.

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Comments from individuals and their experiences with Edward Shanahan

Let there be peace in your heart
Some of the Comments from the
Psychic Readings
Spirit Communication Sessions
Edward Shanahan
  • Brandy S - (Facebook 2022) - Good job fellow Shanahan. Also last time you called me about a situation of possible dark manner and you said have a MRI on the person. Well it's turned out that a ultrasound was don't then a cat scan and that showed something... So now in a couple weeks we're getting the MRI done. Please keep us in you're prayers cousin

  • Angel C - (Facebook 2022) - Sending love, light and blessings for you and all you do.

  • Robert M - (Zoom Session with Spirit Communications 2022) - I forgot to tell you too. When we listened to the Zoom reading again, my granddaughter and I both can hear what I am hoping was my grandmother when you were calling for her. I believe it was the second try but you tell her I’m there and about 3 seconds later in an older female voice saying Hi Bob. You ask a few questions and then ask her if she had a message and in the same voice, we hear, I Love You. Thanks for that.

  • Jeff D - You got me in contact with my deceased father and you batted a 1000 out of the ballpark. When he was alive he and I set up a password that only he knew..... NO ONE ELSE!!!! We used it only if the other was in trouble and needed emergency cash 'wired' to them.   

    Thankfully we never had to use it.
    During our meeting you were able to pick it up on the first try!!!!  I was extremely impressed! Another thing happened, my left arm began to tingle......your left arm began to tingle as well......IT WAS AWESOME!!!

  • Hello Ed, here is my testimony as I promised.  I only ask that you do not publish my name in any printed materials you may share.  Please refer to me as Believer Three.  I thank you for your sensitivity to that request.

    I have experienced chronic pain for over a decade, having been deemed legally disabled with several conditions since 2004.  I have been under the care of several doctors for these disabilities.

    One of the chronic pain conditions includes back and neck pain caused by herniated, torn, and bulging discs.  The conditions present with much pain, and often pain medications do not alleviate the pain.  I am often debilitated by these conditions, forced into bed rest and light activity.  

    There are two specific points in my neck that cause severe, pinching pain that prevents me from even holding my head in a comfortable, normal position.  

    Perhaps, I can say that the "specific" pain in my neck, is now a paste tense experience. I experienced that pinching pain for the last time, that I can recall, after I met Ed for the first time.

    I didn't even realize that the pain had stopped because I had become accustomed to living with it since 2000, after I suffered a whip lash injury.

    It occurred to me upon meeting Ed for the second time that this sharp pain hadn't presented since our first meeting, approximately two or three weeks before!  I almost didn't believe it, but experiencing relief is the absolute proof.

    I think the comforting, peaceful vibe that Ed emits as a Healer, enabled me to tap into this healing frequency as we held hands.  I believe in the ability to help others heal, and I have no doubt that Ed harnesses such an ability, as Jesus the Christ said we could all do IF WE BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH.  
    Thank you Ed! Believer Three

  • Cathy B. - I just want to say "thank you".   As I am digesting the information you gave me, I feel a sense of peace. Anita and I truly enjoyed our time.  I do hope that you will be able to find time for me to bring information about my Uncle Danny. It really is not much but his son, Michael, was able to give me more information. My husband is also eager to have a reading. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Barbara L. - "Ed, It was such a pleasure . I loved the reading. You gave me a lot of insight about my past....and my future. I am sure we will see each other at up coming events.. until then God Bless. Thank you Ed for everything!"

  • Mary M. - Thank you for the wonderful reading this morning. I'm just blown away by it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the blessed guidance you gave me. -Thank you!

  • Maira C. - Mr. Edward Shanahan, it was SUCH an incredible experience having you join us on Friday evening! What a unique way to gather amongst friends....who knew that there would be "others" gathering with us! I hope that (lucky number) 13 women, didn't drive you too nuts!! The memory alone will last forever and we cannot wait to follow you onto the next adventure in May!!! Thank you again, our time with you was remarkable!!

  • Sergio A. -  "That ending part hit the spot Ed, as I was not even part of the seance and you managed to get a hold of the one person who've I've lost out of the 3 who was older than me. Not only that, but you said EXACTLY what she always used to tell me alot over the phone. Quote, end quote. Like if it was her telling me again. Nice to know she is close by, as I once in a while think and wonder if she is watching or not. That one hit home".

  • Megan D. - "Thanks so much for the nice evening. Everyone had a wonderful time. At least two of my relatives said that was the best reading experience they have ever had. Thanks again! Megan"

  • Hi Edward, On behalf of Two Degrees/Slalom, I'd like to thank both you and Annette for providing such great entertainment at our event.  I truly enjoyed both of your readings and I received very positive feedback from everyone that you spoke to.  I know the music was quite loud and you had to speak rather loudly for the evening. Hopefully, you still had a voice the next morning! Thanks again and Happy Holidays to both of you and your families.
    Best regards, Ken

  • Crystal M. - "This is what i absolutely love about you Edward..its hard to find that these days in people who are gifted as yourself."

  • Sandra K. - "I know what you have done for me and will always be greatful. You are a light at the end of a tunnel. Blessings to you."

  • Walley D. - I must tell you that during the seance I felt a hand on my right shoulder blade. I thought it was someone there, but - not. I can still feel it!

  • Kathy B. - "No thank YOU for your positive energy, how "spot on" you were with everything you said! We will definitely have you out again for more events.. you are absolutely awesome!!"

  • Lauren S. - Hey Edward, Hope all is well! Everyone had a blast at my birthday thanks!! Do you have April 5th available? Its a would be for my grandmothers 89th birthday we are thinking 3pm...let me know! Thanks!! Lauren.

  • Jane S. - "I want to thank you so much for doing that at the end of the energy circle it meant a lot to me and 2 others that you would still have the strength to be able to do what you did by giving us a message from our loved ones that they were standing near us. I still can't get that night out of my head I had such a wonderful time".

  • Dianna H. -  You're presence brings a calmness I rarely feel. It is good to know that people like yourself are in this world. God Bless You and thank-you for being a blessing to me and Doug. Dianna.

  • Priscilla D. - "Edward, I wanted to post a THANK YOU! We had such a good time during your visit. A lot of things were confirmed spiritually and the windows and door of knowledge were opend unto us. We will have to follow up with you and update you on all of the things that have happened since we last saw you... Which was only less than 12 hours ago! LOL ! Take care and Thanks again :) "

  • Nikol A. - "By the way..after you left. When you shook my husbands hand, he told me it was burning him and it was red and swollen....:) I told him, because you (husband), are not a believer... but I think you are changing his mind. I can't wait for my mother to book her party with you. Thanks again!"

  • Stacey - "Dearest Edward, I cannot thank you enough... Thank you - Thank you for taking the time to share information from your experiences, research and knowledge of the paranormal and spiritual world, and for helping me to have some spiritual peace after my experience. I have attentively read the links you sent and have continued on to other articles & Ebooks you have written & linked on your website. And with stories like "The Amityville Hoax", to Not be influenced by the hype of Paranormal tales & scares.

    You have definantly givin me another way to think of my experience. As I read the article "The Shadows Within", it was all to close to my heart. I am one who has simply always believed, Never saw a ghost. But I dont need to see them to know they are there! Through your help and advice, Armed With more knowledge and a better understanding of the spiritual world. I'm choosing to appreciate this as a unique experience, and to believe, It is just that- "My unique and personal experience"! - Not of somthing evil or demonic. I choose to be a Volunteer and not a Victim! Again, Thank you. You have
    been a tremendous help! Sincerely, Stacey"

  • Preacher Pam A. - "You did that for my family and it meant the world to us. Thank you Ed and God Bless you!

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