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Paranormal Explorer Edward Shanahan of Chicago.

Edward Shanahan
Paranormal Explorer
Chicago and Beyond
Locations and Discoveries

Discoverer of Haunted Locations
Explorer of Many

The S.W. Suburbs haunted locations that Edward Shanahan has named the Chicago land Paranormal Triangle, is the location that he has always lived in the middle of since his birth in 1958.

Richard Crowe made Chicago haunted location exploring famous as he was the first to become known in the Chicagoland area for doing so and finding the majority of the haunted locations. Today there are just two individuals in the area known as the Chicago land Paranormal Triangle that have been possibly exploring it the longest.

Edward Shanahan, who is a Spirit Feeler and a Psychic Medium is one of the two individuals. The other individual is a couple of years older and is a Paranormal Investigator, and he has been exploring the area for a year or so longer. But both agree that Richard Crowe is the first person to make it popular and the first person to run paranormal tours in the Chicago area.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Entry. Photo by Edward Shanaha
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Path to the cemetery
photo by Edward Shanahan

In 1974 Edward had the first paranormal encounter that he recalls, at the age of 16 years old, at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. In those years you could venture into the cemetery at night.

Edward has lived all his life in an area he calls the 'Paranormal Triangle' as he is ten minutes from Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, five minutes from the famous haunted Archer Avenue area.

Haunted Senator John Humphrey House
Haunted Senator John Humphrey House
Edward Shanahan discovery and photo.
Louis L. Valentine Boys & Girls Club
Louis L. Valentine Boys & Girls Club
Edward Shanahan discovery
Haunted Cullerton Hotel 2013
Haunted Cullerton Hotel 2013
Edward Shanahan discovery
Edward has discovered and brought five haunted locations in the Chicago land area to the general public for Edward's Paranormal Nights with each night ending with his Circle of Energy Seance.

Discovery of haunted locations is rare, as many investigators are visitors of locations known to be haunted, not out to find locations not known to others, but someone has to discover them and bring them to the public.

Even those who run 'Ghost Tours' have come to Edward in the past to have him assist them on the tours as a Spirit Feeler and assist with his knowledge of the area and being a Paranormal Explorer in the S.W. Suburbs.

Circle of Energy Seance with Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan's experience and abilities have taken him to the surrounding states of Illinois along with assisting others with exploring haunted locations in Las Vegas, Nassau, St. Thomas, USVI, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Nassau Cemetery explored by Edward Shanaha
Nassau Cemetery

Edward has successfully performed his Circle of Energy Seance on a cruise ship for a large group of individuals over the area known as The Bermuda Triangle.

Paranormal & Spiritual News magazine cover free online
Paranormal & Spiritual News
Magazine free online created by
Edward Shanahan

Do you want to host a 'Paranormal Night' at a Haunted Location?  If so them Email Edward below for details.

Edward Shanahan during his Circle of Energy Seance

Is your place haunted or do you have a Historic Location that may be haunted?
If that describes you, then contact Edward Shanahan below.

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Spirit Communications and Spirit Psychometry (Conscious Channeling), at times, may not be successful, but that has nothing to do with the individual(s) requesting it or the loved one that has passed away.

Spirit Communications and Channeling is not an exact science and is subject to human interpretation.

Disclaimer: Edward Shanahan's state law requires all Paranormalist and Psychics to be listed as entertainment only.

Edward Shanahan as a guest on WGN radio's Chicago Now radio show

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