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Parnormal Nights for Groups / Events / Fundraisers

Edward Shanahan and his CIrcle of Energy Seance
Paranormal Spirit experiences for Fundraisers, Organizations or Group Gatherings in the Chicago land area and beyond.

Nearly 20 years and all year long, as a Chicago Psychic Medium and Paranormal Explorer, Edward Shanahan has been providing entertaining paranormal and spirit(s) experience for private groups of individuals at historic locations or right at one's home for a house gathering.

Do you have access to a Historic Location and the location could use a fundraiser? Would you like to bring a group of individuals to a Historic Haunted Location for a fundraiser or just a gathering of friends and family at a historic location for a paranormal spirits experience?

Even your home could provide an excellent location to experience a Supernatural Night with brief Psychic Readings and followed Edward Shanahan's Circle of Energy Seance to attempt to bring the Loved Ones of those present along with Spirit Communications.

Entertaining experience and one you can provide for a small gathering or a large one that would enjoy a unique experience.

Historic Haunted Senator John Humphrey House. Orland Park, IL.
Location for Paranormal Nights.

If it were held at a historical location, Edward suggests a bit of history, followed by some paranormal investigations or attempts at EVP's and photo spirit captures.

Then Edward Shanahan would do brief Psychic Readings also to find out who are old souls, as they will in their way assist as feeling spirits that may become present during Edward's Circle of Energy Seance.

Then the Circle of Energy Seance would begin; it is not a staged magic show with magic tricks and props. It is just what he has been providing for years for individuals to experience the paranormal and supernatural.

Edward Shanahan attempts to bring about the Spirits so those participating and can experience them and in some cases have an experience like a Medium would.

An entertaining night for all and one that all will remember!

Email Edward Shanahan to discuss having your own Paranormal Night for your group.  
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