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Edward Shanahan Private Home Readings.
Edward Shanahan
Psychic Medium - Spirit Communications.
Psychic Readings for the general public since 2000.
'Best Chicago Psychic' award winner.
Chicago area & Travel.

Private Home Reading.

Edward Shanahan will provide Private Home Readings for:

Those who have two or more individuals to be read and based on a minimum two hours (Edward will consider one hour / one person depending on the distance to travel).
Edward's Spirit Communication Session with his 'Circle of Energy' and Private Readings performed in your home and can include a few people for the Spirit Communication Session.

The Private Home Psychic Reading Sessions are done on Saturdays and possibly Sundays and only on those days that he does not have a Psychic House Party already booked.

Sometimes a family of three to five individuals may sit-in for brief readings, and the rest of the time in the session is used for Spirit Communications.

Edward Shanahan's fee is based on time spent, not for what is done during your Psychic Reading Session, nor the number of people that participate.

The fee is listed below or Email Edward for fee (include your city, if Chicago, what area of Chicago?)..

What can be offered during your session.
Edward's Palm Reading and his One on One Psychometry will be done, and you can pick other services depending on how long of a session you want.

Many people add the Spirit Communication to the session.
• Edward's Palm Reading.
• Edward's One on One Psychometry to provide you answers and also the attempt to tap into the loved one(s), who has passed.
• Angel Cards - present and future pull (always provided).
• Spirit Communication for loved ones who have passed. Edward uses a device that provides the possible communication with loved ones and the spirits that surround us.
• Edward's Circle of Energy during the Spirit Communication Session to attempt a Spirit Experience.
• Healing Prayer and Energy Session for an individual's needs.
• Ritual of Release and Inviting the Positive (inform Edward if this will be requested).
• Edward is Certified as Life Coach and in Law of Attraction.

Many of what is listed above, Edward will include in your session, depending on how he is being guided.

What do you seek answers and guidance for?
Are you seeking answers and direction for your life or a loved one?
Family or relationship(s) in your life?
Self Spiritual Growth?
Deciding on the type of business or career move you should take?
Are you seeking to attempt contact with a loved one who has passed on?

Edward Shanahan is non-judgemental with any questions asked; he responds with the message received to pass to the person asking.  

* Remember the fee is for time spent, not for what is done during your Psychic Reading Session, nor the number of people that participate.

* Fee for Private Home Readings:
You would be booking a two hour session with a fee of $100 per hour. If the Private Home Reading runs any time over two hours, then the additional fee would be based on $50 for up to every thirty minutes after the two hour fee. Contact Edward Shanahan with what you desire and to find out the fee.

Contact Edward Shanahan to book your session by Email here.

Disclosure Statement: All life decisions are solely the responsibility of the participant(s). The purpose of having a reading is to give a view of life. There are no guarantees or liabilities. You should not rely on psychic / medium reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition.

If your inquiry involves the law, finance, or medicine, then you should seek the advice of a licensed or qualified legal, financial, or medical professional. Also, psychic / medium reading cannot replace qualified mental health care. A psychic / medium reading can only facilitate how you cope spiritually with a given situation.

Spirit Communications and Spirit Psychometry (Conscious Channeling), at times, may not be successful, but that has nothing to do with the individual(s) requesting it or the loved one that has passed away. Spirit Communications and Channeling is not an exact science and is subject to human interpretation. Edward Shanahan strongly suggests any Psychic Reading Sessions with any Psychic be recorded.

Disclaimer: Edward Shanahan's state law requires all Paranormalist and Psychics to be listed as entertainment only.
Copyright 2000-2022 Edward L. Shanahan. Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan. Author, Speaker, Paranormal Explorer.
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