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Edward Shanahan - Chicago Psychic Medium, Paranormal Explorer, Author.

Chicago Psychic Medium, Paranormal Explorer, Paranormal Location Host, Author of two books and included in other author's books.

Edward Shanahan has been providing entertaining Psychic Readings, Spirit Communication Sessions and his 'Circle of Energy Seance' for the general public in the Chicago land area to Las Vegas since the year 2000.

Edward Shanahan was the receiver of the award 'Best Chicago Psychic.' He is the co-host of The Unexplained World - Live internet radio show podcast.

Private Psychic Readings by appointment for individuals, couples, and families are done at a Historical Location in the S.W. Suburbs or possibly your location.
Private Reading Information.

Phone Psychic Readings by appointment for individuals. Visit the web page to see what is offered.

Private In Home Psychic Readings a minimum of two hours and can include a Edward Shanahan 'Circle of Energy Seance with Spirit Communications Session.'
Private In Home Psychic Readings.

Host a Psychic House Party or even Design Your Own Entertaining Psychic House Party a concept Edward Shanahan has been providing for years.

Your House Party can also be Edward Shanahan's full 'Circle of Energy Seance' with Spirit Communication to recieve responses from loved ones that have passed or the spirits at a location.

Corporate / Public Events, Speaker / Demonstrations / Edward Shanahan's 'Circle of Energy Seance' / Haunted Location Host /
Corporate & Public Events Information.

Paranormal Spirit Experiences Gathering for Fundraisers, Organizations or Groups of family and friends in the Chicago land area and beyond.
Paranormal Groups.

Public Event Dates.

The Unexplained World - Live Internet radio show podcast. Be a guest or maybe even have a Psychic Reading done for you on the show.

Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium and Best Psychic in Chicago award winner.
Chicago land area and travel.

Psychic Reader - Medium - Phone and Private Readings - Psychic House Parties - Spirit Communications - Circle of Energy Seance - Prayer Healing Session - Readings in the Round - Gallery Readings - Public Location Readings - Ritual Release of the Negative and Inviting of the Positive - Paranormal Explorer - Paranormal Intuitive - Paranormal Host - Author of two books - Spiritualist - Spiritual and Intuitive Coach - Law of Attraction and Life Coach.
Best Chicago Psychic - Edward Shanahan award winner

Meaningful experiences for
Chicago Psychic Meduim
Edward Shanahan

The way I see it: To be offered to touch another person's hand is an honor. To be able to touch their heart is a gift given. To be able to touch their soul, is a blessing of trust. ~ Edward Shanahan.

Being a Chicago Psychic Medium, Spirit Feeler and Paranormal Explorer and Location Host, a meaningful experiences is when I can bring closure for a person who has lost a loved one.

When I am asked to call someone at my cost, who is dying, to bring them comfort and attempt to erase their fears. When someone brings me an item of a loved one who has passed away and I am able to confirm their thoughts on the way they died or killed.

When I take an individual to the Miracle Child's Grave Site, as they asked me to accompany them to pray for a miracle. When without anyone knowing, I lay my hands on an ill person and pray for a healing miracle for them.

When I can open the door for someone to open their self up and experience the Spirit World and is one of the things I raised the bar on for myself. There is more to me then what many see, but yet some have seen it.

"Never Forget Where You Came From - To Keep You Motivated So You Never Return"
~ Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan as a guest on WGN radio's Chicago Now radio show

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