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House Parties and all that Edward Shanahan provides for your Psychic House Party.

Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium
Edward Shanahan
Psychic Medium - Spirit Communications.
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Psychic House Party
Design Your Own Psychic Party
The Circle of Energy Seance.

You as the host do have options for what you would like to do at your house party, from the regular private readings to ‘Design Your Own Psychic Party' or even hold a Edward Shanahan 'Circle of Energy Seance' house gathering.

Edward Shanahan charges only an hourly rate for your house party / gathering, as he does not charge per person. The fee information is listed below.

The host decides if they would like to host a party of just private readings, or the host can pick any combination of the other options listed below with the Design Your Own Psychic Party.

Spirit Communications Session and Edward's 'Circle of Energy' to attempt communication or a possible experience with loved ones that have passed can be performed as a group after the readings and is popular with the house parties and usually done after the psychic readings.

The host also can hold a house party / gathering for just Edward Shanahan's 'Circle of Energy Seance' with Spirit Communication to provide an experience in the attempt of contacting Loved Ones that have passed away or the Spirits of a location.

Edward would be willing to discuss the 'Design Your Own Psychic Party' if you would like to.

To Book a Psychic House Party or Ciricle of Energy Spirit Communication Session - Contact Edward Shanahan by Email here.
Psychic House Party with Edward Shanahan

House Party and Circle of Energy Seance information.

Your Psychic House Party / Gathering.

You, as the host, have options for the type of entertaining Psychic House Party that you would like to have. Edward offers a ‘Design Your Own Psychic House Party' or 'Circle of Energy Seance gathering' for you to host.

Circle of Energy Seance gathering:
This is Edward Shanahan's 'Circle of Energy Seance': After preparing the Host's table for the Circle of Energy Seance with candles, a sheet of paper all will read out loud at the start of the seance and Spirit Communication tools, Edward will start with a short reading for each guest to see who the old souls are.

Edward will provide a paranormal question and answer session for those interested and followed by information about the Circle of Energy Seance that all will be participating in.

The Circle of Energy Seance will then start. Edward Shanahan does not sit at the end of the table and claim that this or that spirit is present. Edward attempts to bring about the spirit(s) that is being requested, so those guests that are participating have an experience in one way or another with the Spirit(s).

Guests are allowed to record the Circle of Energy Seance with their phones and are even welcomed to video record it.

The fee for the Circle of Energy Seance is listed with the House Party Fee listed below.

The Psychic House Party:
Type of readings.
Edward does his version of a palm reading and then he goes to doing what he calls 'One on One Psychometry Reading.'

That is when Edward puts the person's hand between both of his hands and taps into their energy and their inner self
, to describe the individual and what may be going on with them, including their past, present, and future.

Then the individual being read with the 'One on One Psychometry Reading' will be given the opportunity to ask questions, as Edward's Psychometry Reading is the best way for answering questions.

It is highly recommended that the Host recommends that their guests think of questions before the Psychic House Party.

At times with the One on One Psychometry Reading, Edward can also tap into loved ones that have passed away.

Edward suggests that if that is an interest, to possibly bring an item of the individual (ring, watch, etc.), something that would have picked up their energy.

Angel Cards - present and future pull are always provided.

What can you provide for your Design Your Own Psychic Party?
A combination of activities for your guests:

Private Readings – You decide the length of the readings, as other offerings can also be added for your party.

Readings in the Round - For those Hosts not wanting private readings. Edward does the readings with all present and listening, and he calls that his 'Readings in the Round.'

t is entertaining, not as deep of a reading as the private readings are. Edward allows those being read to ask questions also. The readings are about 10 – 15 minutes per person.

Gallery / Message Group Reading – This can be fun for a large group stand-alone type of readings for the night and what Edward did at a Spiritualist Church for the message readings sessions.

Every individual writes two questions they are seeking answers to on a piece of paper, folds it and puts their name on the sheet of paper.

Everyone’s sheet of paper is collected. Edward then will pull a sheet of paper, call out the person’s name. Edward will give them a short reading in front of everyone. Then he will look at their questions. Edward does not read them out loud.

He will answer each one of the questions by way of Spiritual Guidance. Then Edward moves on to pulling another sheet of paper and doing a reading.

Spirit Communication Session - This everyone can participate in together as Edward uses a Spirit Communication Device. This session would be done after the readings and would be an attempt to communicate with individual’s loved ones.

Small version of Edward's Circle of Energy during the Spirit Communication Session to attempt to have Spirit Experiences for individuals participating.

Healing Prayer Session - This can be done in public or during the private readings.

Ritual of Release - Releasing the negative things in your guest's life and then followed by the ritual of inviting the positive into your guest's life. Edward must be informed in advance if this will be done.

Discussion about the Paranormal - Edward Shanahan is a Paranormal Explorer. He has discovered five locations in the Chicago land area. Edward has authored two books and has been written about in four paranormal authors' books. He has created and runs paranormal nights since the year 2000.

With any reading, Edward Shanahan never does negative/fear or medical type of readings. Blessings and healing prayer sessions can be requested.

Edward also recommends individuals record their readings with their cell phone and also record the Spirit Communication Session if it is requested for the house party.

Edward Shanahan brings his own table cover, light and extension cord.

The Host will have to provide a table/chairs for the readings and an electric outlet for an extension cord.

The House Party Fee: is an hourly fee of $100 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. This allows the Host to decide on how many people the Host would like to invite. How long the readings will be for each person and what else the Host wants to provide for the guests to make it a great Psychic House Party.

Then it is as simple as figuring out the number of hours divided by the number of individuals to come to a cost that the host would charge. The fee is to be paid at the end of the Psychic House Party.

Hosting just a Circle of Energy Seance fee: Plan on a two hour session (there will be a short palm reading per person to see who the old souls are), with a minimum fee of two hours at $100 per hour. If the Circle of Energy Seance gathering runs any time over two hours, then the additional fee would be based on $50 for up to every thirty minutes after the two hours minimum fee.

How to figure out the per person cost for a Psychic House Party:
The host decides if they would like to have 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 minutes, or 15-minute readings.

If you had nine individuals to be read and you decide on 20-minute readings for each person, that would be only $34 per person.

If the host wants to include 45 - 60 minutes of a Spirit Communication Session after the three hours of readings for nine individuals, that would equal four hours total and a cost per person of about only $45.

To Book a Psychic House Party or Ciricle of Energy Spirit Communication Session - Contact Edward Shanahan by Email here.

If there is a parking fee or parking garage fee, Edward requests that the Host of the House Party covers the fee. If the house party is held in an area that parking is hard to find, Edward asks that arrangements be made for parking.

If there is an interest in providing a 'Paranormal Night' for your friends or family at a haunted location, visit Edward's Paranormal Explorer web page and email him from the web page: Paranroaml Explorer.

Edward Shanahan Touch of Trust
Disclosure Statement: All life decisions are solely the responsibility of the participant(s). The purpose of having a reading is to give a view of life. There are no guarantees or liabilities. You should not rely on psychic / medium reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition.

If your inquiry involves the law, finance, or medicine, then you should seek the advice of a licensed or qualified legal, financial, or medical professional. Also, psychic / medium reading cannot replace qualified mental health care. A psychic / medium reading can only facilitate how you cope spiritually with a given situation.

Spirit Communications and Spirit Psychometry (Conscious Channeling), at times, may not be successful, but that has nothing to do with the individual(s) requesting it or the loved one that has passed away. Spirit Communications and Channeling is not an exact science and is subject to human interpretation. Edward Shanahan strongly suggests any Psychic Reading Sessions with any Psychic be recorded.

Disclaimer: Edward Shanahan's state law requires all Paranormalist and Psychics to be listed as entertainment only.

Edward Shanahan as a guest on WGN radio's Chicago Now radio show

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